P&G Innovation Technical Center Renovation Workplace

P&G Ivorydale Technology Center Renovation

PEDCO provided engineering design services to renovate the 235,000 SF historical Fabric & Home Care building for P&G.  The project included demolition and remodel of the entire five story building interior including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.  With new design and remodel, the 235,000 SF building now consists of a 24,000 SF laboratory and 211,000 SF of office common areas.  The new engineering systems and interior building modifications helped turn this historic building into a high performance building resulting in a 17% annual energy reduction.

The laboratory design included once through air, manifolded exhaust systems for dryers and fume hoods, along with variable temperature and variable hardness water system to simulate water conditions anywhere in the world.  For the office common areas, PEDCO designed active chilled beams and air handlers equipped with sensible and enthalpy wheels in order to re-use energy that is being exhausted. The new electrical distribution systems were provided throughout the facility for power and lighting. The project also included waste and compressed gas systems to bench tops and labs, a new fire alarm, fire protection, and security systems.


Procter & Gamble


Historical Building Renovation


Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Fire Protection


Cincinnati, Ohio


235,000 SF