workplace projects

PEDCO offers engineering solutions that achieve a remarkable balance between imaginative and practical designs. We create workplace environments that are designed to fit exactly what your company needs to maximize the efficiency of your workplace. The spaces we design work in concert with engineered systems to support your work practices, improve employee engagement, capture your vision, drive your workplace culture, with a focus on achieving the desired business goals.

Laboratory Office Space

This Laboratory Project featured construction of a 32,000 SF, two-level office space for 200 people in conjunction with a 35,000 SF high bay laboratory space for research and manufacturing.

P&GĀ Innovation Technical Center

PEDCO provided engineering design services to renovate the 235,000 SF historical Fabric & Home Care building for P&G.

P&GĀ Fitness Center

PEDCO provided engineering design services for the 18,000 SF P&G General Office Fitness Center relocation.