Quaker Chemical Reactor Installation

Quaker Chemical Reactor Installation

PEDCO provided full engineering design & construction administration services for a 2,000 Gallon Reactor System at Quaker Chemical's facility in Dayton, Ohio. The new installation quadrupled the existing reactor production rate. PEDCO provided multiple services for the project including:

The project included Civil/Structural services, including framing all support for the new reactor and platform and the design of secondary containment pit and concrete pavement. Process engineering services of redesigning the reactor heating/cooling system, designing new hot oils system, propylene glycol chiller, process pumps, condenser, product filter, and dedicated control panel design. Additionally, PEDCO facilitated the repurposing an existing vessel for distillate receiver, modifications to existing process, and connections to existing utilities.

From an Electrical Engineering standpoint, PEDCO provided a new service entrance, upgraded electrical equipment, and installed explosion proof electrical for portions of the bay. Additionally, PEDCO reviewed the existing reactor operating system and made improvements to eliminate waste and save costs for the client.


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2,000 G Reactor