KAO USA Cincinnati Facility

Building Renovation
Building Renovation
Building Renovation
Building Renovation


KAO USA Cincinnati Facility

PEDCO provided full engineering design & construction management services for a CIP/SIP Drain Tank System at KAO USA’s facility in Cincinnati, Ohio to eliminate two interior drain tanks, resulting in a more efficient and safer operation.  The SIP process was directing steam to the two existing tanks and subsequently into the CIP Room, rendering the room full of steam resulting in a difficult and unsafe environment to work.

Scope of work included:

  • Process – Design of new CIP Drain Tank with auxiliary equipment, valving, instrumentation and controls, tank heating system for prevention of  wastewater/lotion solidification during freezing weather, and hydraulic
    calculations for utilizing refurbished pumps for directing CIP wash water from the new tank to the plant’s waste water recovery system.
  • Piping – Design of new large size headers for inside drain piping from process tanks to outside main drain header to new drain tank, with tie-in from tank pump to existing plant wastewater treatment system.




CIP/SIP Drain Tank System Revamp


Process Design
Contractor Bidding
Construction Management


Cincinnati, OH


1,000 Gallon Rectangular CIP Drain Tank