2018 High Performance Buildings Seminar Presentations

7th Annual High Performance Buildings Seminar Presentations


The Next Built Environment Today  
Speaker: Edward Mazria, Founder & CEO of Architecture 2030 

A Midwest 2030 District Discussion
Speakers: Connie Lilley, Detroit 2030 District; Cynthia Cicigoi, Cleveland 2030 District; Angelica Ciranni, Pittsburgh 2030 District

A Sustainable, Net Zero Building Sector is Impossible
Speaker: Robert Watson, CEO & Chief Scientist of The ECON Group

Breakout Sessions

Power & Our Future 
Speaker: Jeff Biggs, Flexential 

You May Already Own the Last Roofing & Building Envelope System You Will Ever Need
Speakers: David Hart & Rich Crawford, Tremco

Modern Metropolis: Demystifying Sustainability Through the Lens of Mass Media Story Telling
Speakers: Joey Maiocco and Andy Brownell, Newsy

Building Energy Data Analytics – Current Status and Future Direction 
Speaker: Brock Glasgo, Carnegie Mellon University

How Fifth Third Bank Became the First Publicly Traded Company to Contract for 100% Solar Power 
Speakers: Scott Hassell, Jeremy Faust, Jule Kucera, Fifth Third Bank; Ian Law, Schneider Electric

Geothermal HVAC – Making Net-Zero Energy Building Cost Effective 
Speaker: Seth Parker,  Melink Solar & Geo

How to Reduce Energy Usage in Your Labs by 50%
Speaker: Dan Doyle, Grumman/Butkus Associates  

Innovation & Biomimicry
Speaker: Doug Studer, BluEarth 

Sustainability and Resiliency in the Energy Space
Speakers: Michael Pahutski and Heather Quinley, Duke Energy 

Implementing a Portfolio Lighting Strategy 
Speaker: Tim Hertel, JLL 

Building Engagement and Buy-in For Energy and Sustainability Initiatives 
Speaker: Beth Robeson, Robeson Marketing & Design  

AeroHUB – Educating & Up-skilling Ohio’s Economy
Speaker: Mayor Richard Finan, Village of Evendale