“Learning Never Exhausts the Mind” – Leonardo Di Vinci

PEDCO’s commitment to training and education is the key to our future success.  Our vision extends beyond our own business. We help our clients, partners, and industry accelerate their own progress through research, education, and advocacy.  Get involved, register, or become a sponsor with any of the events below.

Current PEDCO Sponsored Events:

8th Annual High Performance Buildings Seminar

On Thursday, October 3rd, PEDCO, emersion DESIGN, clients, and business partners will hear from industry leaders on the advantages of high performing buildings and what really works when tackling major energy efficient building improvements.

When: Thursday, October 3, 2019
Where: Sharonville Convention Center
Time: 7:00am-4:00pm

Seminar Details


Past PEDCO Sponsored Events: 

7th Annual High Performance Buildings Seminar

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 6th Annual High Performance Buildings Seminar

4th Annual Healthcare Symposium 

The Journey Toward Triple Aim: Navigating the Ever-Changing Healthcare Environment
On Thursday, November 16th, the local healthcare community heard from regional and local healthcare leaders about achieving better individual and population health, higher quality care, and lower costs.  Susan Dentzer, the keynote speaker, described several health systems that are undergoing transitions, along with the challenges they face.