Fostering Creative, Effective Solutions

As an engineering design firm, we focus on providing creative solutions that optimize our clients’ potential. Our experience and expertise allow PEDCO to maneuver the unique challenges of multiple industries. PEDCO makes client focused decisions that will have real, tactical impact on people’s daily lives.

PEDCO’s mission and legacy is to design solutions that combine function, efficiency and reliability.

Building Relationships
is Essential

At PEDCO, we believe that strong partnerships set the foundation for smart design. Our aim is to know our clients and their challenges so well that we design creative solutions that generate value and make them more successful, today and in the future. That’s the overall goal of all we do – partnering with clients to take them beyond what they can achieve alone.

is Key

Discovering the best idea means that all voices need to be heard. The differing approaches and perspectives of our employees strengthen us as a team. Brainstorming sessions, lunchtime learning sessions that promote idea sharing and conversation, even the physical space of our workplace is designed to foster idea generation.

Continuous Learning
is Crucial

When it comes to continuous education and employee growth, PEDCO walks the walk offering a variety of support to encourage employees to grow personally and professionally. PEDCO provides learning opportunities to serve the whole person, including technical, leadership, health, and financial topics, in addition to adjusted work schedules and financial assistance for tuition.

Play is Vital

PEDCO values the importance of play and comradery, especially considering the creative, collaborative nature of our work. PEDCO employees enjoy all sorts of opportunities to cut loose and have a good time together including Reds and Cyclone games, Pig Out Day, Summer Hours, Kona Ice truck visits, and Pancake Breakfasts. Taking time to recharge and have fun makes our team stronger and our employees happier.