Steve Brudnicki

HVAC Department Manager


As the Department Manager for the HVAC Group, Steve gets to train, mentor and work alongside a great team who all take pride in their work and strive to support each other. His greatest achievement is being able to support his team while providing a great product to PEDCO’s clients.  He has engineered projects around the world and spent many years supporting construction in the field.  Through this experience, it became clear that small projects can be as complex and challenging as large billion-dollar projects, allowing him to come up with alternative solutions to challenging situations.  Early on, Steve learned that listening and understanding what clients are saying is a better troubleshooting technique than working through a checklist.

Who Knew?

  • The coolest engineering feat is the Taipei 101 Building and the Mass Damper that was designed to reduce movement of the building.
  • Currently working on his MBA.
  • If I were a Superhero: Iron Man – uses his mind and skills to overcome obstacles.
  • His dream car is a 1957 Corvette convertible, an automobile with a gorgeous body style.