Alex Powell

Architectural Department Manager


Alex’s responsibilities include supporting the technical development and growth of the architecture department, ensuring his team has what they need to succeed on projects and in development of their careers.  Alex works to constantly improve how PEDCO designs, bringing innovation and new ideas to always exceed client’s expectations.  Throughout his education and career, Alex strives to always be inquisitive.  He is a firm believer that continuing education is critical to new ideas.

 Who Knew?

  • Dream car is a red Tesla Roadster. Driving this would be like SpaceX’s Starman drifting through space.
  • The best feat of architecture is when it can positively impact its occupants’ health, mood and productivity.
  • If I were a Superhero: Batman – because of his resourcefulness and drive to accomplish his goals.
  • Alex is a 2020 graduate of AIA’s Vision program.